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What Can Dr. Kuesis Do for You?

A specialist in hip and knee joint replacement, hip and knee disorders, minimally invasive hip and knee surgery, hip and knee arthroscopy, anterior hip replacement, same day outpatient hip surgery, and sports medicine.

About Dr. Kuesis

Dr. Daniel Kuesis, M.D. Hip and Knee Specialist

Dr. Kuesis received his medical degree from Northwestern University and completed his surgical internship and orthopedic residency at Duke University Medical Center. During his tenure at Duke, he was a physician for the Duke University and North Carolina Central University sports teams and the US Airborne and Special Forces divisions at Fort Bragg. Dr. Kuesis continued his medical training with a fellowship at New England Baptist Hospital in Boston and has published numerous papers on joint replacement, alternate-bearing surfaces for total hip replacements, and sports-related injuries. Dr. Kuesis is a member of the honorary medical society,Alpha Omega Alpha, and he graduated Magna Cum Laude from Illinois Benedictine College. Dr. Kuesis is an instructor for the “anterior approach” hip replacement method at Smith & Nephew where he teaches other surgeons how to implement this innovative approach. He is a leader in the anterior method field and is the surgeon who brought this approach to the Alexian Brothers Medical Center and the St. Alexius Medical Center. Learn About Dr. Kuesis

Outpatient Vs. Inpatient

Dr. Kuesis specializes in same day outpatient hip and knee surgery. With his minimally invasive hip and knee surgeries, patients are able to have their procedures done at small surgical centers and then walk out the door the same day. Here are the benefits of outpatient surgery with Dr. Kuesis:

  • A review of commercial medical-claims data found that U.S. healthcare costs are reduced by more than 38 billion a year due to the availability of ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) as an appropriate setting for outpatient procedures.  This cost reduction is driven by the fact that, in general, ASC prices are significantly lower than hospital outpatient (HOPD) prices for the same procedure in all markets, regardless of payer.
  • According to a 2016 study in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, people who had outpatient surgery for ankle fractures, for example, had lower rates of urinary tract infections, pneumonia, and blood clots, and required fewer blood transfusions than those at the hospital.
  • Our staff of anesthesiologists, nurses, and technicians are handpicked and perform only orthopedic operations.
  • Our cases typically start and end with a scheduled time, compared with 38% at the hospital.
  • Our facility has only state of the art equipment.
  • We deliver personalized, concierge style care.

We Tailor Our Care to Each Patient

Less pain, faster recovery

Read about Dr. Kuesis and a new hip replacement operation called Direct Anterior Approach.

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The Anterior Method

Dr. Kuesis specializes in a new hip replacement operation called Direct Anterior Approach. This approach is less invasive because it allows us to operate by pushing aside, instead of cutting through, the hip’s overlaying muscles. The result is less pain, a faster recovery, and a dramatically lower risk of dislocations— the number one complication. Our patients want to get back to work and their regular activities, the anterior approach allows for that to happen much faster.

“Dr. Kuesis is on the cutting edge of a revolution in total joint surgery, one that reduces hospital stays and offers the fastest possible recovery. This new priority has been driven partly by younger patients who demand a quick return to their jobs and active lives.” Learn More



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